Specialist FAQ

What does it cost to join TALENG?
Nothing  - membership is free, bidding for work is free, finding projects is free.
Who can join TALENG?
TALENG is the home of oil and gas engineering professionals and we review and approve all applications before approving membership. Our review process focuses on your relevant experience, track record, and requirement for your skill-set on the platform. 
How do I join TALENG?
It takes only a couple of minutes - sign up to TALENG, complete your profile, then attach an up to date cv. We will then review and approve your application.
How do I apply for projects?
When a project is posted on the platform you can respond to it by submitting a short proposal and attaching your cv. Following this it is likely an interview and selection process will take place prior to the client selecting you and work commencing.
I have submitted a cv, why do I need to complete my profile also?
Our algorithms use your TALENG profile to drive matches to potential projects and send job notifications. We also want to be able to view an overview of your career which clients want to review prior to analyzing cv’s in detail.
Why was my application rejected?
In order to be approved please make sure that your profile application is complete including attaching a cv, and that it shows your expertise within engineering along with a strong track record on previous projects.
How does the feedback system work?
When a project is complete you will review a client, and they will review you. This is done on a star ranking system based upon punctuality, professionalism and quality. Detailed feedback on performance is also often provided.
How does the payment process work?
Submit an invoice to TALENG when you have agreed with a client that work is complete or have approved timesheets for hourly booking. We will invoice the client with our markup included and when we receive payment will immediately transfer money owed to you.

Company FAQ

What does it cost to join TALENG?
Nothing  - membership is free, posting work is free, finding specialists is free. You only pay for successfully completed work through the platform.
How do I sign up to the system?

Please fill in the relevant application forms to gain access to the platform. We will contact you regarding your needs and to talk you through the application process to ensure you get the most from the platform.

How do I find a specialist for my company?

There are two methods for finding specialists:

1) Post a project / position on the platform and you will receive applications for the role.

2) Search our database of specialists to find a suitable candidate and message them through our system.

TALENG staff are here to help with your search for a specialist, so please contact us where required.

How long does it take for someone to start a role?
The sign up process takes a matter of minutes and following this you are free to post roles or search our database of specialists. The selection of a candidate runs to your own timescale, and we can assist to speed the process up if you have an urgent requirement.
How do I select a consultant?

When you have found the right person, you can approve their application for your project. The specialist will be contacted to inform them of their success, and unsuccessful applicants will be automatically informed.

Do I need to review every application?
Our specialists are only asked to bid for work that matches their specific skill set and those who are considered an ideal match are notified so they will apply. Others may apply, but we will work with you to create a shortlist off applicants for each role. 
How can I interview applicants?

You can ask questions via our online messaging system, or alternatively can arrange a telephone interview.

How does the payment system work?

For Companies: When a project is complete, or hours worked have been approved by both parties, TALENG will send you an invoice. We will then pay the specialist (minus our fee) as soon as we receive payment.

For Individuals: If you are using our services as an individual (i.e. not a company) we might have to request payment upfront. If this is the case, the money will be held in escrow till the project is approved as complete.