40,000 New Oil and Gas Jobs

A report on the UK oil and gas workforce by OPITO and the Robert Gordon University has been published showing that the UK oil and gas industry has to create 40,000 new oil and gas jobs over the next 20 years. Predictions are that the overall number of people employed by the industry will fall, however due to retirees, UK oil and gas recruitment still has to create and supply for 40,000 new oil and gas jobs.

The other interesting outcome from this study is that half the UK oil and gas workforce will retire over the next 15 years. This great crew change will require a different approach to how companies staff oil and gas projects in the future and more companies are investigating in work methods and training that allows the existing workforce to pass their knowledge and experience to the next generation.

With all the recently predicted industry doom due to the low carbon energy transition, this report shows that there will still be a lot of UK oil and gas jobs in the medium term, and that with so many people leaving the industry there will be a challenge in filling these roles and attracting the next generation of talent to the oil and gas industry.

So for anyone still out of work following the industry downturn this should be good news – there is still a future for oil and gas industry professionals, and the oil and gas recruitment market is predicted to pick up in the near future.