Oil and Gas Job Interview Tips – Part 4, Second Round Interviews

Second Round Interviews Tips For Oil and Gas Job

This is part 4 in our oil and gas job interview series, helping you find your ideal position.

Second Stage Interviews

So, the first interview went well, and you got invited back for a second round. This puts you within the final 2 or 3 people for a position, and normally just one more interview away from a new job.

Unlike first interviews which check your technical ability along with your personality, a second stage interview is where the competition will increase. An employer is now trying to find out what differentiates you from other oil and gas industry professionals, how your skills will fit in with their existing team, whether you are right for their upcoming oil and gas projects, and to sort out the logistics of a job offer (salary, start dates, etc).

Preparation for a second interview should therefore focus on improving on your answers from the first round. If key oil and gas technology or software came up in the first interview, it might come up again, so showing that you have progressed your understanding in this area will help. It is also worth researching the company further and to get information on the department you are joining, so you can ask relevant questions about how you will fit into the company structure.

Oil and gas industry professionals are often sent on global oil and gas projects, which generally requires a mobile workforce, and a second interview is a good opportunity to clarify things like the amount of travel you would perform and what sort of deals are offered for rotation placements etc.

In a second round interview it is likely you will be asked the details of a job offer, such as start dates, salary expectations, work arrangements, therefore get these answers together prior to attending the interview to make sure you are not put on the spot. This is also your last chance to find out more about the company before deciding on accepting an offer, so make sure you have some questions prepared that will help you make this decision.